What are the Odds?

What are the odds of anything? The top card in a deck is red -1/2. A heart -1/4. A 3 of hearts – 1/4*1/13 = 1/52. What are the odds of winning the lottery? Getting hit by an asteroid? Falling in love? Some odds are fixed by the parameters, some we can alter by our actions. Does it matter?

If you are faced with any decision between two choices, assuming a random outcome is possible, the odds are 1/2 that any person will make the same choice as you. If the choice is a public washroom, some variables change.

When faced with a decision, do you diligently, do the math? Do you know, because of experience? Do you decide intuitively? Some weird personal combination of all three? Have you kept a record of how things worked out? Is your judgement, like mine, clouded by bias and flawed memories?

I hear the expression ” what are the odds” at least once a week and wonder if we knew the odds (as calculated mathematically) would it change how we decide? What we decide? Why we decide?

I lean to intuition before logic so it likely doesn’t make a difference in my process. How about yours?

Make Today Remarkable, its your choice,

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What is Your AngelList?

Listening to Tim Ferris Show this morning; an interview with Naval Ravikant, founder of AngelList (World’s largest online fundraising platform for startups). They talked about great investment opportunities and it prompted me to think about where I was investing. Where am I storing up my treasures, emotional, relational, time, intellect? Where am I investing myself?
I don’t like what I discovered. Ignorance is bliss. I am investing a lot of Bob in places/activities/ideas that don’t align with who I say I am and who I hope to be. There are a number of areas where I have skewed my spending but one in particular jumped to my attention. I spend time thinking about, worrying about, talking about politics. I have no real influence, no real expectation of change, and get no ‘enjoyment’ from partisanship. Why would I circle this toilet? Why would I read commentary, listen to speeches, consider supporting a candidate, making a donation? After my investment analysis I am committing to voting on October 20 (I know who I will vote for) but I am not giving any more of my assets to this endeavor.

I am taking the time, energy, resources from this divestment and reinvesting in people and personal experiences with my beloved. We can realign values and spending and this is where I am starting.

Make Today Remarkable, by analyzing your investments,


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What is Your Possibility?

im possible

What is possible for you and who can help sow the seeds and help you nurture your dreams? The best person might be someone close enough to you to care but not so close that they are blinded by your grandeur. My beloved is my biggest fan but probably wouldn’t provoke tough questioning. The curse of perfection that paralyzes us with fear of failure or worse looking like a failure won’t be much help. If you have an imperfectionist in your life, someone who takes action first and then analyses adapts and acts, they may be able to help. Most entrepreneurs and those with abundant successful lives risk every day, some risks are small and some are great but they are willing, almost anxious to take the chance to build, fix, build fix … What are your tendencies? Do you act cautiously? Too cautiously? Are you waiting for external validation to move forward? Do you jump and build wings on the way down? Who is there, when you need them, to offer encouragement and measured criticism?They are the kind of person who can lead you to the edge of impossible and then help you discover new possibilities.

Are you ready for a live filled with abundance, challenges and opportunities? A coach may be able to boost/boot you to the next level. If you are ready to ‘level up’ please contact Remarkable People at bob@remarkablepeople.ca for more information.

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What are You Doing ti Improve Your Health (Right Now)

Right now, this moment as you read this post – what are you doing (not considering or thinking about) for your personal healthcare? Nothing? If you aren’t taking action to be healthy then you are taking action to be ill, unwell, unhealthy. There are consequences. I am not suggesting that you need to make radical changes (maybe your doctor should offer that prescription), I am asking you to become aware of your choices. That burrito with mexifries and all the trimmings is a choice (one I have made often) that is fraught with consequences. Walking two flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator has different consequences. We seem to move through our convenient lives oblivious of the ramifications.

I respect and support your freewill and your right to make whatever decision is right for you (leaving me and others unharmed) but you have a responsibility to be aware, acknowledge and accept the results of those decisions (holding me and others blameless).

Our disease management system attempts to absolve us of that responsibility but creating new diseases, procedures, drugs and treatments so that we can pretend we are objects of our health rather than active participants.

Right now, make a healthier choice and celebrate your participation. Try it again in 18 minutes, and again in 42 minutes … maybe all the choices won’t be the best but when they are; recognize that you chose and celebrate.


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Coaching Can Make You Remarkable

remarkablePioneered and developed by Marilyn Atkinson, PhD, Solution-Focused Coaching is an advanced coaching model that integrates the profession of coaching with a highly developed body of personal growth technologies. Developed over the past 30 years, it provides a comprehensive approach that assists individuals, managers and teams to take action in alignment with their highest individual and corporate vision. Solution Focused personal or business coach, does what a good sports coach, an acting trainer, or a writing teacher does, but with systemic clarity of focus. A Remarkable Coach, will challenge you and help to clarify what you want, and takes the time to find out what winning in life means to you. A Remarkable Coach is a partner in first clarifying your vision and the steps to get there, and then inspiring you to your next level of personal excellence. Through coaching you can discover the life you know as deepest aim; a life of development and accomplishment, both personally and professionally.

A coach will encourage, prompt, provoke and sponsor you towards the ownership of skill-sets that encourage and support your increased creativity, productiveness and effectiveness.

We all face doubts, barriers, personal scripts that slow or even halt our progress. People with high aspirations, move past these ‘gremlins’ through simply partnering with a Remarkable Coach. Athletes, high achievers, musicians, writers, skilled actors know they get best results with a coach who can help them review aims, set directions, clarify and specify steps. Their attention can then become relaxed around their ultimate direction towards excellence. When they commit themselves to work with a personal coach they learn how to focus on their long-range ability sets. A serious performer or serious player in the realm of competitive sports or music would not expect to progress very far without a strong alliance with a good coach.

Contact bob@remarkablepeople.ca for information on a complementary one hour skype coaching session.

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What is the smallest change you can make right now  to improve your productivity? Move your chair closer, adjust your screen, drink some water? Do it? In the back of your mind ask the question again ” What is the smallest thing I can do to improve this situation?” In work, relationships, personal development there is daily room for small improvement. (Don’t I know it).

For me the smallest thing is almost always to focus on the moment. Keep focusing on the task at hand. Finish this sentence, this paragraph, this assignment.  Read deeply. Breathe deeply. Reflect.

My enemy is time – not that I have too little but that I never seem to rest in the moment. I have done all those tests to see if I live in time or through time and am not surprised that my preferred pattern is through time. This makes me on time for everything (because I leave the last discussion, task, place before it is finished (at least in my head)).

I am annoyed by people who are late for meetings with me. I feel they value their time more than mine but they likely are living in the moment and their presence in the last assignment, person or place was so complete that it ran long. I am also annoyed by those people who look over my shoulder in a conversation (I do it all the time) to see who is next to talk to. Those people who check their phone/watch and begin shuffling their notes and books into a neat pile have already moved away from the work, place, me. (I do it all the time)

The smallest thing I can do in every situation is apply focus to the moment (even for just a moment) and then try for another.

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Next Year Country

A week from now we will be surrounded with goals setters and resolution makers dreaming, wishing and hoping something will be different. They will mend a broken relationship, get a promotion, run a ½ marathon, drink less, lose weight, work more, work less … For the vast majority, nothing will change, unless …

For something to change, they need to change something. Sounds simple, even self-evident. If they just think about something, write something down, or even make a plan for change without committing to action and accountability then nothing will change and that may be okay. Some of us start planning for change with goals because we are surrounded by an ‘upward and onward’ mantra. If you are completely satisfied with every element of your life or if you are dissatisfied but not yet motivated then accept by best wishes for the New Year and stop reading now.

The big secret to reaching goals is commitment. Johan Wolfgang Goethe wrote “Der Worte sind genug gewechselt, Laßt mich auch endlich Taten sehn! Indes ihr Komplimente drechselt,” Just kidding. In English it is something like;

This altercation’s gone on long enough,
it’s time I saw some action too!
While you are polishing fine phrases
something useful could be going on.
What’s the point of harping on the proper mood?
It never comes to him who shilly-shallies.
Since you pretend to be a poet,
make poetry obey your will.
You know that what we need
is a strong drink to gulp down fast,
so set to work and brew it!
What’s left undone today, is still not done tomorrow;
to every day there is a use and purpose;
let Resoluteness promptly seize
the forelock of the Possible,
and then, reluctant to let go again,
she’s forced to carry on and be productive.

Where does this resoluteness reside? How do we energize commitment and reap her benefits?

I suggest that for the next week, you commit to one thing; to be extraordinarily helpful. That’s it. For the next week exemplify citizenship behaviour at every possible turn. Act before being asked, serve as an instinct rather than a duty, care for and about others, help someone finish a project, you get the gist. Be extraordinarily helpful for the next seven days. That’s it – see you in 168 hours.

Bob McInnis
Provocateur, Coach, Consultant

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Be Fearless

be fearless

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

In the 1932 Presidential election, FDR spoke with optimism of the possibilities the American people had in front of them. This was seen by many as unbridled optimism because of the reality of the Great Depression but it was this attitude that pulled a nation and her people forward. Remarkable things happen when remarkable people set their heart and mind to making it happen.

I read a CBC report this morning that was shared by Imagine Canada on Face Book entitled “Flood donations could hurt other charities, expert warns; Fundraising for Calgary and area disaster cleanup might see other groups get less” The fear and fear mongering was palpable. The reporter and experts interviewed begin with a first principal of scarcity; scarcity of resources, scarcity of imagination, scarcity of opportunity and scarcity of generousity.

I see something else – Abundance, Potential, Community. Scarcity serves bureaucracies, umbrella organizations, and governments because it fosters dependence. Abundance empowers individuals, families, groups, and communities.

The outpouring of support across Calgary and southern Alberta had been remarkable and some would say unexpected and unprecedented. While it has been heartening in its scale, it is what a community does. When proximity and urgency meet, citizens step forward and take immediate, relevant and concrete action to mitigate, reduce or eliminate the results of the crisis. The City of Calgary called for 600 volunteers and 10,000 showed up. MissionPossible2 asked for hands and hearts to go to High River and the busses were overfilled. Thousands of ‘disorganized neighbours’ jumped in and pulled carpet, shovelled mud, carried rubbish, and got dirty. It isn’t that we ask too much of people, it is that we expect too little.

Yes, there has been a huge financial commitment made to support victims of the once in a hundred year flood but that generousity has flowed from newly open and empowered hearts. These hearts are attached to heads and hands that will be seeking new ways to make a real difference in their world. Abundance isn’t about infinite time or resources – it is about priority. For thousands of people, community has moved up the priority list. For action focused, solution minded groups and organizations; this is a door opening to as yet unimagined results.

In the 1804 Presidential election, Thomas Jefferson’s campaign was based on his belief that every citizen given the opportunity and circumstances will take care of himself, his family and his community. I believe that about all Albertans and Calgarians in particular. Act fearlessly. Ask boldly – respond remarkably. Make community a priority and be amazed by the impact.

Make Today Remarkable

Bob McInnis
Provocateur, Coach, Consultant

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After the amazing response to “What Are You Reading?” from February 4th, I am paying close attention to my current books. I admit that I am voracious and maybe not always discerning in my reading habits but I reopened Simon Sinek’s Start With Why (http://www.startwithwhy.com/) and began reading with a new attentiveness.
I was stopped in my tracks when I got to The Influence of Others p112 when Sinek asks who do you trust more, someone you know or someone you don’t know? My answer was immediate – someone I know. Why? Is that true? How do you explain celebrity endorsement? politics? advertising?
I do make purchases on amazon based on reader’s reviews. I never plan a trip without checking TripAdvisor I have the Yelp app on my Android phone which I bought after reading user reviews.I seem to make spending decisions based on advice from people that I think I know. Does following the same reviewers of books, phones, eateries or travel on a regular basis mean that I know them? I seem to trust them more than experts (who I imagine are being paid for their contributions).

I received 5 references this month from current clients and will likely benefit from their trust and recommendations. I connected individuals and groups over the past month because I felt they could be of value to each other. I make lots (maybe all) my decisions based on trust but do I really understand how I use the criteria or intuition to choose between an array of possibilities? I will continue to ponder.
How do you make decisions? Is trust part of your equation?

Remarkable people live remarkable lives by using their strengths to strengthen themselves and others.

I am hoping you can help identify some remarkable people you have met or heard about. I would like to share their stories in this newsletter, on a blog, Facebook and in some writing I am doing. If you have been impacted by someone who demonstrated their commitment to you, your family or your community, please submit their name, a short story, and contact information either on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/RemarkableLives) or via email to bob@remarkablepeople.ca
Thank you.

Bob McInnis
Provocateur, Coach, Consultant

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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